With Spring around the corner, a lot of us are thinking about Spring Break and making travel plans.  Not having kids in the house, we tend to lean a little more on binge-watching shows on HGTV like Caribbean Life and Island Hunters to feed our hunger for travel.  It got me thinking though, my ideal travel combines crystal-turquoise waters and white sand beaches, and horses.  With a quick Google search and the aid of a couple great websites:  Hidden Trails  and Equitours I was able to discover that you can find horseback riding adventures on six of seven continents!  My apologies to those of you hoping for a romantic, snowy ride across Antarctica.  Not happening, there aren’t even horses there right now, just these guys…

… and they’re totally laughing at you for thinking you could go to the bottom of the world and take a horseback riding tour.


I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with the adventures available in North America, namely the cattle drive and mustang roundup variety.  There are facilities that cater to all level and manner of rider, so nearly anyone can participate to a reasonable degree.  But, one I didn’t think about was exploring our Native American Reservations on horseback.  We can cover a lot of ground here in the US alone, beach rides, mountain rides, desert rides, and none of it even requires a passport!



Head south to Central and South America for latin flavor in your horse and your view.  Throw a leg over a smooth-gaited Peruvian Paso and tour ancient Mayan Ruins or tropical rain forests and jungles.


Due East your rides can stretch along the Scottish Highlands aboard a “utility vehicle” of a Clydesdale, native to their country.  You can ride from castle to castle in the manner of Tudor-age ladies and gentlemen, you can tour Italian vineyards, and even visit the famed Spanish Riding School in Vienna (though I don’t think they permit “guest riders?” lol)  From beaches to mountains, from lush forests to arid valleys, Europe offers numerous breathtaking options.



Keep heading East into Asia, where the first horses were tamed and used as work partners for humans.  Expeditions across mountains, world-renowned wilderness ranges and the intrigue of ancient religion combined to create an adventure-friendly tourist destination. From stunning beaches to lush forests, Asia will present you with an exciting horseback experience.



If a safari is on your vacation bucket list, Africa provides every opportunity.  You can travel for miles without crossing fence line or roadways, the wildlife you’ve only ever seen at a zoo serves as your travel companions on your trek.  As much as I love the idea of strolling through plains among zebras and giraffes, going to Morocco and sleeping in a tent under the stars like in the land of “a thousand and one nights” sounds pretty amazing too.



Travel to the other side of the world for an authentic bush-riding adventure.  Australia and New Zealand offer unique terrain and wildlife, and let’s not forget this kind of riding experience…

… just kidding!  No matter how many times I watch The Man from Snowy River, when Jim charges Denny up and over the edge of that mountain, then barreling down it’s insanely steep cliffs, my heart and lungs stop altogether.  More likely you can expect to see breathtaking images more like this in your camera roll, ones that won’t leave you clutching your chest in panic.



I didn’t research the cost of vacations like these, I hated to ruin the magic.  But one thing’s for certain, it would be worth every penny, and you’d never stop talking about it.


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