In spite of being horse-less, I like to find ways to stay involved in the horse community (like this blog), and the Quarter Horse circles.  This year has been an unusual one for me, finding myself unemployed after working full time forever, taking up new hobbies, turning 40, etc.  In every downturn however, there is opportunity.  I’m using my time to distribute Senegence products, and LipSense long-wearing lipstick in particular.  In efforts to promote that, and help maintain a lifeline to the Quarter Horse world, it dawned on me.  Association Queens and Congress Queens wear lipstick, and would appreciate not having to touch up all day, how perfect!



So, I’m pleased to share that one of my first business gambles with this new line, was to sponsor the All American Quarter Horse Queen contest, and provide all the ladies with a LipSense starter kit.  The committee was as excited to receive the donation as I was to provide it, and I can’t wait to see them all in their new color, “Kiss for a Cause,” selected for it’s color (pink, the signature of the contest) and it’s support of Breast Cancer research with $1 of every tube sold being donated through The Make Sense Foundation, a non-profit branch of Senegence.  I threw in a bonus color and gloss for the winner in “Purple Reign,” because the name seemed so perfect.



It’s written into the contest rules, that every contestant be on point in her attire and turn out throughout the show.  Products like these that require no re-application are perfect for long days and multiple photo opportunities.  I’ll get time to spend with them all on Thursday of their competition for our own photo shoot and some social time, which I’m really looking forward to.  There are 17 beauties competing this year, and reading their bio’s tells me they’re all incredible!


Photos courtesy of the website, all information about the contest and participants can also be found here.


I’m looking forward to meeting the 2017 contestants and helping them look their best.  It’s going to be another great show and I love still being a part of it!


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