And it can happen faster than you can have a Domino’s pizza delivered.  We missed their arrival and hitching for the parade honoring the Newark area veterans, and their Hometown Heroes program.  Families can purchase banners that will hang on light poles in downtown Newark, honoring their veterans.  Matesich Distributing, and Budweiser supported the event with their Mid-West hitch’s appearance.


In the time we were there, the hitch arrived back at their three custom trailers around 3:30 in the afternoon, and were ready to hit the road by 4:00 on the way to their next appearance.  To say it’s impressive, to watch the break-down of such an icon, is an understatement.  The horses and their handlers make it look downright easy…


Their custom rigs, ready and waiting

Arrival at the parking area

Coming to rest

Classic white, feathered feet

Enjoying a nice neck stretch

Clyde is safely returned to land

One by one, unfastened from the wagon

Each patiently waiting their turn (notice not even being held)

Harness to the left, horses to their trailers on the right

Up the ramp, into the shady trailers where fans wait to cool them down

Are we ready to go yet?

Hey, where’s my hay?

Getting sleepy

Once the horsepower is safely stowed, handlers remove ribbons and rosettes from the manes and tails

Finally the iconic red Studebaker wagon is hand-walked to it’s ramp

Then winched into it’s trailer


The entire operation runs so smoothly, it’s so well-rehearsed, when it’s all packed up, you think, is that it?  It doesn’t matter how old I get, at heart, I’m always going to be the little girl who loves to see the ponies.  These boys make me smile every time!








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