This time of year is all about fair season.  Many of the counties in Ohio host their own fairs, other independent organizations host their own, but they’re all “home turf” to their respective local 4-H clubs, and often the last hurrah of the show season.  Beyond that, should your success have reached it’s peak, competitors can qualify to compete at the Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show.



I bet you thought the state fair was just ferris wheels and funnel cakes…   In the week leading up to the main fair, horse showmen from all 88 counties who’ve qualified are invited to bring their A-game to the Ohio Expo Center and compete for state titles.  For the kids who only compete on the 4-H circuit, this is A VERY BIG DEAL.  While they don’t get the benefit of the full state fair crowds as spectators, they do get some pretty impressive bragging rights!



The state fair is typically the first two weeks of August, which means the Junior Horse Show is almost here!  Hopefully if you or your child is competing you’re already registered, but more information can be found on their website:


In addition to the opportunity to compete against other horse and rider teams from across the state, it’s a chance for our young riders to see the bigger picture, and meet more like-minded young people.  I’ve always felt horses helped raise me to be a respectable adult, I still believe that to be true.



If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family at the end of the month, this is a great event to check out.  The competitors always love a nice crowd to cheer them on, and the certainly deserve it for all their hard work and effort.  Go see another side to the state fair you maybe didn’t even know existed!



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