While it seems a foreign concept to me, not all of us were born with the desire to spend our days in the saddle.  Some find this desire develops later in life, and they may find themselves wondering, where do I start?


The industry outreach program, Time to Ride, has recently hit the 100k human-horse connections milestone, in the very business of helping newcomers take their first strides on horseback, or in a horse-related business.  All this just since 2011!  Their goal was simple, but casts a wide net,  to increase participation in the horse industry in the face of major economic, demographic and cultural changes and challenges.  They’re making it look easy!



Everyone is busy.  It’s kind of a four letter word in my opinion, one that we often use to avoid engaging in something we don’t care for, or to put off something we’d rather not do, but at the end of the day, we’re all busy.  Nobody gets to “win” the competition, nobody is more important than another, but we can stop using it as a crutch.  Sometimes when you think you’re the busiest, it’s actually the best time to come up for air and take care of yourself, if only for a little while.  If you’ve ever considered adding horses to your life, but didn’t know where to begin, this is your opportunity to get a different kind of busy.


http://timetoride.com offers many ways to connect to existing horse owners and facilities in your area.  Their ever-expanding network can connect you with lessons and camps, trail rides and ranches, competitive sports like rodeo and showing, as well as clubs and organizations.  Age and experience are only details, there’s a horse in their program, waiting for you to saddle up and begin a new journey with you.



If you’re already involved with horses, but looking to make business connections, or considering launching your own horse-related business, they can help you with that too!    Learn about the American Horse Council Marketing Alliance and Time to Ride.  Create your own business listing with them, and take The Challenge, a contest that rewards businesses for introducing newcomers to horses.



You’re never too old, or too young, or too busy to try something new.  You just have to make the time to do it, and now seems like as good a time as any to get started, so giddy up!


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