As a blogger, it’s important to keep an eye on what other bloggers are up to, and what’s catching a reader’s attention.  Here on WordPress, I enjoy Rodney’s Saga, which also covers a variety of equine topics, and Equipeople Families, which focuses on European agricultural students journeys to stay and study in new places.  A quick search for general subjects, provides lists of possible new reading material.  Take time to check them out!




Another favorite source of all blogs equine-related, is the HayNet.  This aptly-named, European site is the home to tons of great blogs, and a lovely place to connect with other equine friends.  Owned and Managed by Samantha Hobden, a wealth of knowledge herself, the friendly site offers a little of something for everyone.  I’ve often enjoyed being featured on her site, and her readers are a joy to interact with.


Maybe you’ve read a few blogs and thought, “I could do that!”  You absolutely should!  On most sites the cost to you is little if any to get started (the basic blogging package on WordPress is free), and you never have to worry about finding your audience, because they’ll find you!  It’s a fun way to reach out to a wider audience than you’re used to, and make great connections.  The best part is it’s all up to you.  You can choose your format, your writing style (you act as your own editor and producer), you can direct your work towards a specific audience, or just see who turns up.  Write once in a while, or daily if it suits you.  Choose a single subject matter, or new every entry.  It’s flexibility bends as far as you want it to go!


One of the many wonderful things about horses, is there are always new ways to explore and learn.  If any of you have your own blogs, please share them in the comments so we can grow our network of readers together!






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