237 DAYS


Admittedly, the 2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress is a ways off, but every year is more special than the last.  Congratulations AAQHC on your 50th last year!


As the show has come of age, so has technology to improve, or for some of us, maybe complicate a little, the overall logistics of the largest single breed horse shows in the world.  Some new features to keep your eye on are:


The Horse Show Tracker App




Find out who’s showing where and when, how they did, all in real time.  Offered new in 2017, advertising!


The continual addition of new classes, including last year’s addition, Heoroes on Horses.  An event paying tribute to our military horsemen by offering them the opportunity to compete in an assisted or non-assisted walk-trot class (depending on their medical/physical needs may be) at a landmark horse show.


The Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation added a Boots, Bow Ties & Bling Gala as an annual event.  Congress Classroom is a new feature designed to help our student competitiors stay current with schoolwork while away from home.  The AAQHC can now also be found on Instagram, @qhcongress



Just when you think you’ve seen it all, I promise you’ll be surprised by what turns up next October.  Innovation is part of what keeps the blood flowing through this show and all who participate in it.  Keep track of all the latest updates here:  http://www.quarterhorsecongress.com/news








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