It comes as a surprise, the end of every year.  I hope yours has been one you’re proud of.  Remember, if you’re reading this, you’ve survived 100% of the challenges you faced in 2016!


Our office said an unexpected goodbye to one of our team members today.  In light of that loss, I try to see opportunity.  Tomorrow is never promised, so I’ll make a point, and take the time, to let everyone I care about know what they mean to me.  You, my readers, are all very special to me, and I’m grateful to you for seeking me out every week.


Until 2017, I wish you all the best!  Cheers!






At the end of a year, if you aren’t already, take time to reflect on where you’ve been, and where you’re headed.  Be present in every moment, as each one is fleeting, and take every opportunity that comes your way.  You never know when that “once in a lifetime” will be gone.


I hope your 2016 has been memorable, and you have much to look forward to in 2017.  Be safe, be happy, and give all the love you have in your heart.





During the course of the year, I try to remember all the neat things I see, that would make great gifts, especially for us horsey folk who aren’t always the easiest to buy for.  Why is it, a new pitchfork is celebrated, but a new vaccum is loathed?  There probably isn’t enough time for that conversation… LOL


Hand-made items are often at the top of my list, and are easy to locate with the convenience of Etsy.com.  I spotted this storefront, Erica’s Creatures one day and I love that it translates well for horse and hound lovers https://www.etsy.com/shop/EricasCreatures.  She creates adorable mini animals from copper and paints them to resemble the breed in general, or with a few photos, your own critters.




Also on Etsy.com, you can have your favorite horse customized into personal gifts like these, https://www.etsy.com/listing/228095094/horse-hair-pottery-pet-personalized?ref=hp_rv




Or, for the slightly higher price range, a customized rocker to look like your favorite steed, here https://www.etsy.com/shop/RiesingsRockers?ref=l2-shopheader-name.




Scarves are always popular, and the larger the better it seems now, I love a nice blanket scarf.  Modcloth.com has a great variety of gorgeous plaids that really suit your equestrienne, for those rare days she leaves the barn.  http://www.modcloth.com/shop/scarves/willamette-for-the-weekend-scarf.



Finally, don’t forget horse folk often care more about our horses than we do ourselves, so it’s easy to overlook the fact that our nails are a little ragged, or our feet are probably feeling tired.  Men and women enjoy a good spa treatment.  It seems extravagant for a minute, until you have a warm lavendar neck pillow resting on your shoulders and your feet in a warm bath, then it’s the only thing you ever needed.  If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, be sure to treat their feet (or yours, make it a date!) at The W Nail Bar in the Short North.  It’s a natural nail bar for fingers and toes, and it’s by far the best I’ve visited!  http://www.thewnailbar.com.  Gift certificates are easily purchased on their site.


Whatever you select, make it heartfelt and add a personal note.  We may spend a lot of our time with four-legged friends, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forsaken our two-legged ones.  Winter months are a great time to catch up and cuddle up!  Happy shopping!