Life doesn’t always provide exactly what we think we need, exactly when we think we need it. I’m thankful for days like this, that remind me to look around and see I really do have everything I need around me. I have family and friends who feel like family. I have a roof over my head, a huge meal later today, and pants with enough Lycra to make sure I can enjoy that meal. I have the sweetest babies who are always excited to see me…

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Life is good. I am blessed, and so are you. Enjoy the moment, they’re gone before you know it. Happy Thanksgiving!




It occurred to me earlier today, a few times actually, that holy crap, it’s Thursday and I need to get a post done.  Now here it is almost 8:00pm (though it feels more like midnight), and I’m finally sitting in front of a keyboard again.  I don’t know why, but this year, this time change is really throwing me for a loop.  This week at the office, we’re having a Thanksgiving Pot Luck, next week is Thanksgiving, and the following week I’m booked with another engagement.  Somehow, I’ve lost all track of the weeks.  Anyone else suffering from time-change disjunction?  Our dogs are just as confused, they can’t seem to figure out if they’re running behind or way ahead.


I debated on not writing at all, but since I established my own weekly deadline, I’ve never missed it, and I wasn’t about to start today.  My apologies for nearly missing you, and as the saying goes, better late than never.  In this case, I might actually be an hour early, since the protocol is to fall back an hour.  Maybe I’m more confused than I thought!


For my readers who don’t have to deal with twice-yearly time changes, lucky you!  For those of you who struggle like me, at least we gained an hour, even if we are losing precious daylight.  By the time we spring forward again, we’ll have almost adjusted!  In the spirit of upcoming Thanksgiving, take time to be thankful for all your blessings, and make time to take care of yourself!



It isn’t every day that you get to meet your hero, I was lucky enough to be raised by mine.  That’s probably an actual quote that I should reference somehow, but I don’t have the details.  I do however, have a sweatshirt that says the same thing!


In light of all the animosity I’m seeing throughout the news and social media, I’m choosing to direct my focus to our Veterans, and one in particular, my Papa.



Regardless of who you voted for, if you even voted, or where you stand on this entire election, please remember tomorrow (and every day frankly), to thank the Veterans and First Responders you see for their service.  If you find yourself wondering what else you could do to help improve the lives of Americans, volunteer and/or make donations to your own local organizations that support Veterans.  Make a difference in a positive way!


Here are two that are near and dear to me; Shane’s Cavalry, and Honor Flight,



veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag

veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag