We finally broke down and got a Netflix subscription.  When the months of summer reruns got to be too mundane, we caved and signed up to see what all the fuss is about.  For just $7.99 a month, so far it seems to be a worthwhile investment.


I took the time to browse through all the available shows and movies, selected old favorites and new interesting items, but noticed a shortage of equine-based titles.  Not that I haven’t been getting every penny’s worth of marathons about beautiful vacation homes and tropical locations.  When you don’t have time or finances to travel, this is the next best thing!


Over the weekend, I scanned through new material for anything appealing, and came across this little gem.  A heart-warming, coming of age story about two Clydesdale brothers and their doting pet human.  Martin Clunes:  Heavy Horsepower is a 45 minute documentary depicting Martin’s journey with his two boys, Bruce and Ronnie, as well as his travels to learn more about the breed.  Considering the amount of bad and troubling content on the TV every time I turn on the news, this was a lovely palate cleanser.  Add it to your queue today, or download and enjoy!





In the last week our Show Jumping team secured a silver finish, with the assistance of Beezie Madden and Cortes ‘C’.  However, due to a tendon injury during the competition, the pair had to be withdrawn from remaining events, in the best interest of the horse’s health.


Laura Graves atop Verdades achieved a new personal best for their Grand Prix Freestyle ride.  I wasn’t able to find a clip on Youtube (yet), but here’s an example of their partnership from an Olympic qualifying event earlier in the year:


For more updates as the Summer Olympics wind down, keep checking the USET website,


I’d love to see our four-legged athletes when they get back home, and are rewarded with a little R&R!


U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


Opening ceremonies of the 2016 summer Olympics are tomorrow night.  In the countless hours of training and preparation, I can only imagine how our athletes feel going to bed tonight, preparing to don their navy blazers for tomorrow evening’s festivities.  Surely months have passed in the blink of an eye.


Being that the equestrian events are often some of the more obscure when it comes to tracking our medal count on television, it isn’t always easy to show our support.  The United States Equestrian Team Foundation makes that a little easier.  Go to their website here to learn about the athletes (two and four-legged), their journey to Rio, and make a donation to help support the team.


This year, keep your eye on a few well-known riders on the circuit…

In Show Jumping, Beezie Madden



In Eventing, Buck Davidson



In Reining, Shawn Flarida (from OHIO!)



The list of their accomplishments would take far too long to detail, but their stories, as well as the stories of every member of each discipline can be found on the USET website.  Read up, and show your love for our “home team” as they compete to bring home some more impressive hardware!