It’s not your traditional black tie event, but every bit as formal.  AQHA exhibitors all over the country are receiving coveted invitations to the annual AQHA World Show, and their reactions are priceless.  The road to the World Show however, is paved with personal checks.


Unlike the AQHA’s other big annual event, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, where you need only enter (all standard) classes, the World Show takes a year of hauling, showing, and paying your dues.  By July 31st of the show year, each rider/horse team must have accumulated the required number of points within their respective division(s).


The AQHA Journal says this about it’s big event, “the qualifying period began August 1, 2015, and ends July 31, 2016. The Lucas Oil World returns to Oklahoma City November 3-19, 2016.

The show is the premier event in the equine industry. This is the pinnacle event for open and amateur competitors around the world who must qualify for the event by earning a predetermined number of points to secure a spot in each of the classes, representing English, western and halter disciplines. The Lucas Oil World brings together exhibitors, owners, breeders and fans of the American Quarter Horse from around the world for two weeks of exciting competition, educational opportunities and a bountiful trade show.”  More information about the show can be found at


When Amateur competitor, Laura Salome (and trusty steed, “Woo-Hoo,” also known as “Horton”) received her invitation, she was ecstatic.  They’ve become a well-known team among the Ohio circuits, but presenting at this show is a real trump card.

13627132_10153643100702694_8979607675218908444_n 797_10153380296547694_5394155720344658080_n

“It’s a honor and I feel so blessed to be able to be successful at what I would say is my true love. It also is intimidating, and the thought of “trotting down that chute” is terrifying.  I have a big decision to make because it entails 4 days on the road(2 days each out and back) in scorching late August Texas heat…ton of stress on my big guy. For what? The chance at a ribbon… Not sure it’s worth it, but I still have a few weeks to decide.”


Isn’t that always the internal argument though, do I go to all the effort, do I drive hours, do I write that check?  The answer almost always seems to be “yes.”  Maybe the ends doesn’t exactly justify the means in a literal sense, but on a human level, to have achieved such accomplishments on top of a 1,000+ lb. animal…  call me a sucker, but that m’friends, that’s the magic that keeps us going.



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