To my Papa,


You are the man of many hats (literally and figuratively, but we already know how mom feels about all the hats in the hall closet…).  From the first time your baby girl utters the words, “I want a horse,” you’re done for.  In addition to the title of “Dad,” you’re about to become any and often all of the following; groom, trainer, driver, photographer, cheerleader, retriever, ATM, and holder of all things…



You were there from the beginning, before I had a horse to call my own, and even the day I was gifted one, you never said no.  This came in handy years later when I learned how to say, “BUDDY needs a new… rather than I’d like a new…”


I started learning how to drive trucks and trailers on the job, but you were the one who helped me log real miles.  Even today, when I’m going through the mental, pre-hauling checklist, it’s your voice I hear, narrating each bullet point.  I’m comfortable and confidant jockeying the biggest of rigs, because of your guidance.


In our 4-H years, when you not only supported, but lead me and the entire club.  You were everyone’s dad, and you were amazing!



Through my teens, when we argued more than we spoke, until my adult years when I finally realized we were on the same team.  It was always you, right beside me.  Every loss, failure, success, and great win, was achieved with you there.



Now, you’re not only nailing the role of dad to me, but as a second father to David, and a Grandfather to Michael.  All the fur kids would be disappointed if I didn’t note your being their Gampy too.  Still setting good examples, still with love to spare.  You’re the logic behind my good choices and the reason I work so hard.  Everything I do is in the effort to make you proud.  When we volunteer together, and when we butt heads, I know with 100% conviction, that I’m your little girl.


As a dad, when your child becomes an adult, and a parent themselves, some see it as your job being done.  The truth is, it’s just a slight career change.  You’re never finished being my Papa.  I’ll always need you.


Love always,

Your baby girl



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