I’d almost forgotten.  I mean, I knew it was June and all, but I’d forgotten that it was our Anniversary, and the second Birthday of Equine in Mind!  Then the congratulations started pouring in through social media…  THAT’s when it clicked!


June is a great month for me anyway.  My Beagle girl’s birthday is this weekend, my birthday is in just a couple of weeks, summer officially begins.  There are so many great things going on in the beautiful weather to keep busy with.  I love it!  What’s funny, is that it never occurred to me, two years ago when I started this blog, about the timing.  According to problogger.net, the top 100 average blogs live to be about 33.8 months, so I guess we’re still young.


With the talk of Anniversaries and Birthdays, I always like to look up what the traditional and modern alternative gifts are.  For two years, traditionally the gift is cotton.  Being horse people, I think of cotton lead ropes.


But the new modern version says China, for those of us who are used to hauling to horse shows every weekend, it’s probably closer to Chinet, or if I’m being really honest, take-out containers.  For gift giving purposes though, maybe this is the appropriate choice?



Now that EIM is officially two, I hope that doesn’t mean we’re growing into the “terrible twos” phase.  We’ve had a fair number of downs in the last several years and things are finally looking up again, fingers crossed we can just ride it out and surpass the average to celebrate the big three next year.


Thank you, my readers, for welcoming me into your lives, and sharing my words with your circles.  It means the world to me, every time I see an update showing where all of you are, you’re literally all over the world!  It’s amazing, I’m very very blessed, and very very humbled.


Cheers to you, and I can’t wait to celebrate more milestones together!



Karen & Equine in Mind




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