This week has been busy in the office, not leaving me much time for writing. I have been reaching out in search of interviews and more topics to share with you.

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As a writer, I’ve made an effort to keep subjects general enough to appeal to a wide audience.  As a horse person, I’ve been careful to remain just that, rather than a Quarter Horse person, or an all-arounder.  I want to cover as broad of a spectrum as I can, to hold the interest of my existing readers, and to entice my future readers, all while maintaining my integrity and authenticity.  Tall order?  Maybe, but one that’s worth it all in the end.


Here’s where I need your help.  Not that there aren’t thousands of things I could write about, but I want to know what you want to read about.  I may not be the most knowledgable in every topic, but I’ll do the research if it’s important to you.  My goal this year is to line up some more interviews, those are always well-received.  I love an opportunity to connect with someone.  Who do you want to learn more about, human or horse?  If I get the chance to travel and write, I’d love to bring that to you too.  Now’ s your time, talk to me…  If you don’t see an answer to your liking, feel free to comment with your own suggestions.




I read an article in the Equine Chronicle about the absence of young male competitors in the show pen, which included interviews with a few well-known gentlemen…



It’s a valid point.  More interestingly to me though, is that larger numbers of men still seem to be found in the “rodeo” type events, cutting, reining, and roping.  Even more interesting is the number of male competitors in the fields of eventing.  Seeing more (young) men in the western events isn’t as much as a surprise as seeing them in any class requiring the wearing of breeches.


When I showed in 4-H and Open shows, I could probably count the number of male competitors on one hand, and that number often included my dad who borrowed my horse for the “Jack Benny” walk trot classes.  Of the family of three boys, and one other boy who competed locally with us, only two of them showed in the all-around type events with me, and they had great horses.  They also had the attention of every girl at the showgrounds, which I’m sure they didn’t mind too much!


Showing horses can be a bit like dancing I suppose.  For the guy who’s confidant enough in himself to take advantage of odds being stacked ever so much in his favor, it’s like a party being thrown in your honor every weekend.  For those not so comfortable in the presence of the fairer sex, maybe even being forced into showing by their parents, days of torture.  Ladies love a man who can lead a partner well, two or four-legged!


I’ll ask the questions to any men willing to share their thoughts.  Is there a stigma on male competitors in the horse show world?  Do you find being the “Lone Ranger” works for or against you?  Did you ever use it to your advantage (to score a date, or meet your current partner)?  Tell us what we’re missing!




If you’re a regular reader, you know my fixation on all things Real Housewives.  In all the franchises, I tend to have a favorite, sometimes two, and of RHOBH, I’m partial to Lisa Vanderpump.  If you’re also a fan, then you’re aware of Lisa’s never-ending love for all animals.  The gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion she shares with her husband, Ken Todd, and their menagerie of furry and feathered children is all the proof you need.


While her most well-known fur baby is Giggy, the Alopecia-stricken Pomeranian. in recent episodes of RHOBH she added two more to the herd.  As a gift for his 70th birthday, Lisa presented husband Todd with two miniature horses.  The pair of little mares, I believe to have been named Diamonds and Rosé were also recently presented with a custom miniature stable made by a friend of the couple, Mohamed Hadid.



giggydiamonds  rose


In an earlier episode, Lisa explained that Todd had once been an avid rider and Polo player.  Due to complications from hip replacement surgery, he’s no longer able to ride, but anyone who has horses in their blood, knows the fever never goes away.


My admiration for Lisa certainly begins with her devotion to all animals, and many causes in support of.  Any time you scroll through Twitter newsfeeds, it’s common to see her re-tweeting requests for help needed for animals of all kinds.  The woman knows how to hustle, with a chain of successful bars and restaurants under her Hermès belt, and a handful of assorted side gigs, I honestly wonder if she ever sleeps.  Watching her on RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules, she’s a well-balanced powerhouse, who still makes time to travel and spend with her family and friends.


There’s an old saying about money; “save a third, spend a third, give a third away,” and from a tv viewers perspective, she seems to follow the same advice.  What she is spending and giving away, is going to a lengthy list of charities and philanthropic organizations.  Kudos Lisa, your generosity is much needed and I’m sure appreciated.


For more information about Lisa, visit her website;

www.lisavanderpump.com, or about her shows on Bravo, go to www.bravotv.com.