This isn’t the first I’ve read about the ongoing debate over who is most deserving of the Sports Illustrated, Sportsperson of the Year title for 2015, but I appreciate the perspective.  Personally, I’m torn.  While I see the point of naming Serena Williams, and she is absolutely a remarkably talented PERSON, why give American Phaorah as a selection, if you’re only going to imply that he’s not actually a viable candidate because he isn’t a person?


I’ll admit I haven’t read a lot into this, but I still want to weigh in on what constitutes a “sportsperson” of the year.  Horses, and their riders are hooves down, athletes.  If your opinion on that matter is different, I gladly challenge you to a dual.  If the award is in fact only to presented to a human, then where is Victor Espinoza in all this?  Piloting over 1,000 pounds of thinking, feeling animal to a history-making career record must have some value.  To that end, Victor’s career outside of American Pharoah is nearly as remarkable.


Sports Illustrated would be smart to partner with equine periodical (like the Chronicle) and create the equine version of Sportsperson of the Year.  I can’t imagine an argument for that.  Horses aren’t the only incredible four-legged athletes, we haven’t even talked about dogs yet.  How many amazing canines are there going unrecognized for their athleticism?


All I’m saying, is give everyone their due.  If you’re going to open the floor to nominees from more than just the human realm, get your translators lined up for any and all acceptance speeches.








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