I’m not sure how, but it’s December again!  One nice long blink, and an entire year flies by!  Here’s a little highlight reel of some items I’ve found that I think would please and little or big girl who loves her ponies like I do…

This site continues to be a favorite of my boyfriend’s mom for me.  She may not necessarily be a “horse-person” but she’s able to find great gifts that I love.  They offer a small collection of sculptures by Renee Martig, $50-$60, featuring some heartwarming “moments” in the life of an every day equestrian.



Any opportunity to encourage young readers into becoming life-long readers, I push.  There are some great series for young and young-at-heart readers; The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, The Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant, The Billy and Blaze series by C.W. Anderson get kids involved in stories that keep evolving and hold their attention.  Gilly Cooper, author of “Riders” is a great adult equine-related fiction writer.

billy and blaze

If shiny is what her heart desires, you can’t go wrong with anything from Kelly’s collection.  My personal favorite has always been the halter pendant, $150-$1295, but there are tons of beautiful choices to suit anyone.

kelly herd pendant

Being “muck-ready” doesn’t have to mean being un-stylish.  Hunter boots has an entire line of fashionable, functional short and tall boots, made for whatever you can throw at them, stomp through in them, or let’s be honest, whatever yoga/pajama pants you run to the barn at 5am in to throw breakfast!

hunter boots

The “Glam My Pony” kits are perfect gifts for grooms and horses.  Maybe for the younger set, but I can tell you if I’d had them, my poor Buddy would have seen his share of glitter!  The kits run $60-$75, but the line covers everything.

glam my pony


If all else fails, remember a gift card to the local feed/tack store, and a brand new pitchfork will never disappoint.  We may have expensive hobbies, but we know how to appreciate the simple things!  Happy shopping!










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