As horse people, there are probably a number of things we’re universally grateful for, our horses being at or near the top of that list.  Some things are easy to name, they’re always happy to see us, they don’t judge, they love unconditionally.  They may not say “thank you” back in words, but they have many ways to show us how they appreciate the comfortable lives they lead in our care.



Outside of the obvious, I’m thankful for horses teaching me about responsibility, trust, and honesty.  My relationships with horses have, I think, lead to better human relationships as a result of the experience.  Horses have helped me recognize my own strengths and weaknesses, they’ve calmed my worries, they’ve excited my spirit.  Horses have given me purpose and guidance.  I’m thankful for having had the amazing horses who’ve been a part of my life, as well as those yet to be.



Now take a step back.  We can easily list our personal reasons for gratuity, but do we remember how horses have shaped our lives more globally?


  • Without horses, expansion and discovery would have taken much longer, and man might not have developed the rich cultures that we now admire.
  • Without horses, the Romans might not have developed roads, which in turn, may have prevented the eventual development of automobiles and trains. Can you imagine today’s world without good transportation?
  • Horses had a tremendous impact on war. Cavlary units could sweep in and take out hoards of infantry, which forced armies to develop and expand their fighting styles. Without horses, many battles in our history might have had different outcomes.
  • Without horses, Lewis and Clark may have never discovered the Pacific Ocean, and the West would still be a wild and untamed land.
  • Without horses, we wouldn’t have fabulous legends like King Arthur or mythological heroes like Perseus.  Our knights in shining armor wouldn’t come galloping in on handsome steed, and instead we’d have to walk off into the sunset. Not quite as romantic.
  • If it weren’t for horses, we wouldn’t have lucky horseshoes, and I’d be forced to wear a rabbit’s foot around my neck. I think I’ll pass.
  • If it weren’t for horses, we wouldn’t have cowboys, which would make many women terribly unhappy. We’d also have cows running wild, and that is never a good thing.
  • If it weren’t for horses, thousands of people all over the world who suffer from physical and mental disabilities wouldn’t be able to lead normal lives.



We’ve really had a lot to appreciate for a long time, make sure you make the time to say thank you to the four-legged souls in your life for all they’ve given and continue to give.  They deserve more than a day to celebrate, we owe them thanks every day.

e2467dfc26577c0e19cf8ce32a64d7e3 girl-horse-hug


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