This week I was asked to test and write about a new app just released in October known as EVS or, Equine Virtual Stable.  Designed to accommodate your own living horses, or created virtual horses in a social media format, allowing you to share them with your friends and fellow barnmates…




ETG’s Virtual Stable app, blends the convenience of hand-held technology with the passion of horse-ownership.  All horse-owners, regardless of breed or discipline, share the same common thread, we love to talk about our equikids and share them with our friends.  This app allows for and encourages exactly that.


Overall the application is clean and attractive to the eye.  It’s easy to find in your Apple app store or Google play store.  The app is a free download, providing two “stalls” with storage for one video and up to ten photos per horse.  Additional space is available for purchase through any browser.  If you have any experience with smartphones or tablets and apps in general, it takes only a moment to figure out the use of each function.  Once you create your horse, and input as much information as you’d like with options for public info as well as private, like passport number, tattoo, and microchip details, you’re free to share your horse with other users via your device’s contact list, or email.  That user is then provided a link to upload your horse’s information to store on their own device.


In addition to the social aspects of this app, it can be handy for a number of reasons.  Say you decide to go out of town for the weekend and ask a friend to care for your horses while you’re gone.  You could write down every instruction, but if it’s already saved in your virtual stable, all you have to do is share the link with them, and it’s done is a few simple screen taps.


In the future, ETG plans on adding more user-friendly features for showing, staying in contact with equine professionals (veterinarians, farriers, trainers, etc.).  Additional features may include selling and leasing options.  Users will receive notification before the launch of additional features and improvements are completed.


Since the app’s release in October of 2015, it was introduced at the world’s largest single breed horse show, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, with much positive feedback, and even some functional improvements in an effort to ensure that both Android and Apple users enjoy the same experience.


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