For anyone in the horse industry, or living in central Ohio, October is synonymous with one thing, the Quarter Horse Congress.  The world’s largest, single breed horse show is held annually at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH, and is the epicenter of all things horse.  In addition to nearly a month of daily horse show classes, there is a trade show where you can buy anything from boots, spurs, and puppies, to trucks and trailers, and everything in between.  The event hosts it’s own Congress Queen program, with nominees from regional associations all over the country, as well as other paid entry special events like; Congress Cutting, PBR Bull Riding, and the most popular event, Freestyle Reining (where riders create their own choreographed ride, using reining elements, to music, complete with costumes).


It’s quite the spectacle, even for non-horsey folk, something everyone should see/attend at least once in their lifetime.  I encourage you to go!  Check here for all information about entry, parking, shopping, and related details:


In addition to the standard roster of horse show classes, some neat additions have been made to include “EWD Classes” (equestrians with disabilities), which is fantastic.  It’s the best place to see such a wide spectrum of individuals and talents, now made better with the inclusion of EWD, horse showing is becoming truly limitless.


The Congress opened October 1, and will run through Sunday October 25.  Don’t miss it!


IMG_7641 quarter-horse-congress-1 Small-Fry thCA2EOKXI thCAULO94D





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