You’ve read about my passion for horses, dogs, and helping people.  You know I love my friends and family.  But there’s more to me, I get excited about a lot of things, and when I do, I like to tell everyone, so they can get excited with me!  It’s important to remember that horse people have other needs too, here are some things I’ve become a little obsessed with that are great for everyone…


Last year I started using a new mascara that I fell in love with.  It works better than any other I’ve worn, and actually costs less than what I used to spend, win-win!  I love it so much I let myself get talked into selling the whole line, and now I can share my lash love with you!  Have you heard of Younique 3D Fiber Lash mascara?  I can’t help but think how much I would have loved it when I was still showing.  A good mascara that helps your face remain visible on the rail is a must have of showing.  You need to check it out immediately, here’s where to go…


mascara younique mascara


One item I always kept in the horse trailer was a ball cap.  There’s nothing worse than sweaty hat-head after a long day at a show or in the barn, when you don’t feel like wearing your cowboy hat another minute longer.  I spotted these on social media, worn by several of the Real Housewives, and I was hooked.  Started by a couple busy moms, Mother Trucker & Co. is a simple, yet fantastic concept.  Feminine trucker caps, decorated with spot-on hashtags and sayings.  For $25 you can sport a variety of hat personalities, or for $30 you can coin your very own.  Smart style by smart women…  LOVE!

kind of a big deal




Thirsty after a long, hot day in the saddle?  There’s a new brew coming to town from Scotland, BrewDog!  I’m especially excited for this because their first US location will basically be in my front yard, and even better, it’s a crowdfunded business, so if you like it, you can have ownership benefits.


If you’re sensing a common theme in my interests, it’s passion.  The gents who started this business are passionate about bringing great beer to the people who love beer.  I can’t help but want to support products that people are so emotionally involved in.  If they love it so much, it must be good stuff, right?


brew dog



When you spend a lot of time in the barn, or on the road hauling to shows, that creates two problems.  One, no time to shop in stores, and two, no money. is a solution!  I overheard about this site at a family reunion, and kind of even forgot about it until I saw someone wearing those cute Hunter muck boots, but wanted to find a good deal on them.  This site has a great selection of brands for all kinds of things, clothing, shoes, accessories, and the discounts are incredible!  I was really impressed with what all I could find, and how much I could save.  They’re also affiliated with eBates, but usually don’t offer a % back (at least, that I’ve seen yet, or I’d really be wound up!).


Let’s take a second to remember eBates too.  If you shop online for anything, ever, you’re a fool to not set up an account with them.  It costs you nothing, and you get paid to shop, it’s really that simple!



Lastly, when the daily grind becomes too much to bear, and you need to escape, you can actually afford to with Vacation Express.  If your heart is crying out for a white sandy beach and turquiose water, but you wallet is just crying, don’t despair!  Travel to Mexico, The Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean is affordable and easy.  They offer more and more non-stop flights to tropical destinations from the US, and lots of all-inclusive options so you can make one payment and enjoy a whole vacation without having to touch your wallet again unless you want to pick up some shopping or an excursion.  Check their site on a regular basis or sign up for email updates to stay on top of the latest deals.  You can book last minute, or plan well-ahead, and score a vacation you’ll actually enjoy!

vaca express

vaca express 2

vaca express 3


Now if you’re super savvy, you’ll book that vacation, shop for new swimsuits and hats, stock up on mascara and makeup, and enjoy an ice cold brew when you get to the beach.  What’s not to love about all that?  I’ll meet you there!!!!






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