I’ve been trying to reach out to anyone in the American Pharoah camp to secure some interviews (please stand by, hopefully I’ll have success!), and came across a neat feature on the website for jockey, Victor Espinoza.


It has all the usual topics, about Victor, great photos of he and American Pharoah, Victor’s own blog, and a gift shop that’s in the works.  What I didn’t expect was a place for you to share your own personal story about the Triple Crown win.  How fun!  After submitting my request for an interview with the two-legged legend, I decided to enter my own story of how the big win impacted me.  Later that evening I got an email with a link to my story!




In the televised and written interviews I’ve seen with Victor, he’s presented as a humble man, which I admire.  The act of encouraging fans to share their stories and willingness to make that a part of his site goes to further prove what a champion he is (and I’m not just saying that because they posted mine!).  Well-played Mr. Espinoza, well-played!


Congratulations again, to the Triple Crown-winning team, two and four-legged alike.  It’s been a long time coming, and I’m so excited to have been witness to history being made!


american pharoah



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