Looking back on the last year.  Not a hugely significant amount of time, but still a benchmark, and I’m proud to have reached it.  On my LinkedIn account, I’m gathering congratulatory “likes” and messages for my anniversary, and it feels good to have the accomplishment of having committed to something for so long (so far).  One step closer to my goal!

In the last year, my little blog that could has reached into over 40 countries.  Considering there are 195 officially recognized, those aren’t bad numbers at all!  My number of WordPress, LinkedIn, and Twitter followers grows weekly.

I’ve written my first published piece, I’ve started the first draft of a book (probably now around 70% done).  I’ve met some celebrity horses, and broadened my professional connection tremendously.  Everyone I’ve encountered has been supportive, encouraging, and engaging.  I have people I’ve never met messaging to ask how the book is coming, and to keep on keeping on.

Never having a hard timeline for the book, it’s been (too) easy to keep it tucked in on the back burner, writing when I feel like I have time , which isn’t as often as it should be.  I’ll be 38 this month, so I guess I’m using the looming big 4-0 as my goal to have something significant accomplished.  Unless I get it done before then, which would be awesome too.

Looking ahead, I need to get some more “celebrity” interviews lined up for you, everyone enjoys those, and I have a lot more to learn.  Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a few more road trips too.  It’s been a lot of fun, sharing my perspective with you.  Thank you readers for always being interested, even when you may not agree, and sharing your own thoughts with me in return.  A lesson I figured out a while ago, is that you can learn something from every person you meet or talk to, even if the lesson is simply, what NOT to do.

I’m deeply appreciative of the time you take to read my words, and support me.  It isn’t always easy, but I’ll keep my shoulder into the load for as long as it takes.  Thank you for celebrating one year with me, and here’s to many more!

Looking forward…



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