Admittedly, and much to the disappointment of many women, I am not a “baby person.”  Women tend to treat me like I have two heads, when I don’t ooo and ahhh over their baby, or a picture of their baby.  They’re nice, it’s cool, moving on.  On the other hand, show me a baby horse, or any animal really, and I’m reduced to mush.  There’s something so powerful in the feeling of a velvety little nose, I’m reasonably certain it could cure disease, or create world peace.

With the assistance of friends, and a few web searches, I give you a gallery of oooos and ahhhhs, if for no other reason than they’re precious and you’d have to be a horrible person to not fall in love with every one of them.  Yes, I’m biased, for good reason!

From the farm of Valerie Morgan, meet Stewie (Rightous Invitation x Ms Goodtime Vanna)


Olaf (Red White n Good x Lil Bit Rocked)


From Greenbrier Farm, owned by Todd & Laura Salome, Joey (Repeated in Red x Zips Earth Angel)


Hoos Your Momma (name pending, but isn’t it great?) (Hot Ones Only x Gypsy Trader)


The newest member of their outfit, Kitty, with mama, Emma…

kitty 1 kitty 2

It’s easy to forget, horses like ones I’ve interviewed started out much smaller than we see them now, like this little guy.  Born at the Piber Stud, his dark coat will eventually grey to white, and he’ll be a star performer at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria like the big boy Lipizzaner stallions…



Or this young fritter, safe with Mama for now at Warm Springs Ranch, just a shadow of the giant he’ll grow to be, pulling the iconic red wagon of Anheiser-Busch with seven of his soon-to-be good friends…

clyde baby


Another great source of photo galleries is always the Equine Chronicle, http://www.equinechronicle.com/2015-ec-foal-photo-gallery/


I’d love to see and share any more, feel free to send them for the gallery!


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