Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and with today really being your last option for trying to ship something and have it arrive in time, I thought I’d toss out a few ideas for the woman you love, who loves her horses. Let’s be honest, we’re not like other women. We sometimes prefer the practical to the pretty when it comes to gifts, but that doesn’t have to mean a new pitchfork with a bow on it (though I’m not completely discounting that idea, you’ll need to know what she really wants!).

If you need something quick and easy, check and in your local areas. We work with our hands all day long, but often neglect them, and would enjoy them looking like ladies hands once in a while! Certificates for a mani and or pedi will always be appreciated, and, upgrade it to the gel polish, so her tips and toes will stay looking fresh much longer than the stalls she cleans!

For your jewelry-loving-lady, Alex and Ani bangles are super popular, and very reasonably priced. They have a wide variety of charms and choices to cater to any whim, but my favorites are in their Kentucky Derby Collection, which include one with a horseshoe, and another with a saddle. You should be able to find a nearby store to buy from in person, if you don’t have time left to ship.

For the more practical women, one thing we can’t have enough of is barn gear. In central Ohio, Tractor Supply is a great source of all things fleece, thermal, quilted, and waterproof. I bet if you dug, she’s probably got a few pairs of well-worn wool socks that could use replacing, or gloves with less fingers than she has on her hands. Treat her to a new supply of winter essentials to keep her comfortable while she’s in the barn.

Every horse-woman loves a pair of boots, and my personal favorites are Tin Haul. They’re whimsical and functional. Pick out a pair that makes your feelings crystal clear, like the “greater than” model…


Keeping her warm and comfortable doesn’t have to stay in the barn, you can outfit her in some equally cozy, horsey-themed loungewear. My boyfriend’s mom found a pair of fleece lounge pants for me here, with the “BARN BUM” logo down the leg, which I love! They’re my “go to” pants when I get home and need to relax.,384

This gift is great for women of all ages, I’m not going to lie to you, at 37, I’m just as likely to want to play with it as I had been at 7. Pick out a “Glam My Pony” kit, or create your own at Michelle Inch has created a fantastic line of colorful, sparkly, and non-toxic beauty treatments for your four-legged friends. Your ladies can turn every critter in the barn, into a living My Little Pony! After being surrounded by all the winter shades of grey, bring some color into the barn for them!


If you want a more personal approach, you can still make the functional gifts fashionable. My friend Rocksann at, can customize nearly anything, including all your ladies’ tech gadgets, and now her collection includes Otterbox brand items! We all know the barn isn’t the safest place for her brand new iPhone or tablet, but if it’s dressed for safety, in a stylish way, what’s not to love?

phone case

My personal favorite though, and I’m afraid you would only be able to show her the picture because the order-to-ship time runs a few months, is a customized pet made by For $199, and by using photos you provide, they’ll create a stuffed friend who looks exactly like the real one! Memorialize a lost pet, or just a travel-size duplicate to keep in the house with you.


Ultimately, all she really needs is verbal and physical reminders of why, and how much you love her…  But since when was there a holiday that wasn’t an excuse for something she WANTS, and probably wouldn’t buy for herself.  Cape up heroes, it’s time to save her day!


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