I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last year, asking what horses have to say (or at least, as “translated” by their handlers). In the upcoming year, I intend to continue that focus, because it’s important to remember that just because we don’t speak the same dialect, we still speak the same language, even if the message does at times, get lost in the translation.

This is the time of year when we tend to be reflective of the past, and curious about the future. Best laid plans aside, January often brings about resolution season. While I personally, haven’t participated in that tradition for many years, I respect those who choose to. Admittedly, the year I resolved to start working out, only to fake a job transfer to another city I knew there wasn’t a “sister” gym located in three months later, and gave them my friend’s phone number as my own, instructing him to tell anyone who called from there, I was in the shower, was probably the last (failed) attempt.

Many of us have probably resolved to do things like; go to the barn more, ride more, teach our horses new things, try new things ourselves, buy/sell/etc., start over, and so on… But, have you ever wondered if our four-legged masters (let’s be honest, we know who the real bosses are), have their own lists, and what they might entail?

1. I will remember that my pet human feeds me every day, usually around the same time, even when I’m ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN they’ve forgotten (they never have), and try to not launch myself into a full-blown panic until the grain hits the pan.
2. Even though I hate getting my saddle zipped up, I will resolve to try to be less abrasive when my human is preparing me for a ride. I will try to stand quietly, and try to not hold my breath, so they think the saddle is nice and snug… until they swing a leg over and SURPRISE! (that really is funny, you know!)
3. Those buzzy clippy things are super annoying, and sometimes they pull my hair, but this year, I will try to be more tolerant, and understand that my human simply wants me to look nice. Beauty is pain, so if the other super models can do it, I suppose I can too.
4. I will allow new horses in my pasture with minimal complaint… Unless they touch my stuff… or eat my food… or smell funny. Okay, maybe not.
5. When my human takes me for rides in my car, to new places, I’ll try to do a better job of acting like I’ve actually been “off the farm” before, even if I’m scared. I will try to trust that my human isn’t going to abandon me.
6. I know when those people with the trucks full of torture implements come to the barn, they’re really there to help. That guy who bangs around on my feet probably isn’t the Devil, and the lady who sticks me all over with the pointy things probably isn’t trying to hurt me. They aren’t, right? I will try to conduct myself like more of a “grown up” when they visit, even if I don’t understand what they’re trying to do.
7. I will continue to call out for my mom/dad, from the moment I recognize the sound of their car in the drive, until they tuck me in at night. I think they like that J
8. When I see an unfamiliar rock, or leaf, or other terrifying object, I will do my best to keep it together, regardless of what it looks like from either direction… unless it attacks, then you’re on your own!
9. I’ll stop pretending I can’t see the barn dogs and stomping on their tails, or shoving them out of my way… maybe.
10. I will take every opportunity to show you, my human, how much I love you, and appreciate what you do to care for me. It may not be in a way that you understand, but know that you are mine, and I will faithfully serve you until I am no longer able.

Whether you resolve out loud, on social media, or not at all, my hope for you in 2015, is to have wonderful memories with your horses in your rear view, and many moments to look forward to straight ahead. Happy New Year!




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