I may be new to blogging, but giving advice on horse questions and issues is something I’ve done for a very long time.  For some reason,  people have always come to me for advice, on a variety of subjects, which I take as a good indication that I must be telling them something useful!  They also tend to confess things to me, that’s a little strange…  I’ll be taking a lot of secrets to my grave, and many of them aren’t even my own!


That being said, my hope is to be able to share some of my personal insight and experience with anyone who’s interested in reading about it.  I’m passionate about horses, and despite my current “horseless” state (my last horse passed away in 2009), I’ve maintained and developed enough friendships with folks who are kind enough to welcome me in their barns, to ride their horses, while I wait for the financial stars to realign themselves for me.


I joined a group on LinkedIn, for horse lovers, that always has great discussions, and a lot of intelligent, friendly, well-versed members.  I’ve been starting conversations, and participating in them, which has been a lot of fun, and a learning experience.  One of the directors suggested I join their team to oversee the discussions, which I felt I couldn’t fully commit to, since I’m not on LinkedIn consistently, but I thought it might be a good time to try a new platform, and see where I can go with it.


I hope you are able to learn from me, even if the only lesson is what NOT to do, and I look forward to riding down a new trail…


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