I spotted this story on my Facebook feed, it made me cringe and smile.  It began with a horseman’s nightmare-a crash involving a loaded trailer, and ended with our friend, Officer John Shoopman (see story about Willie, the former CPD Equine Officer) stepping in with his fellow Officers to help out in a pinch…

“Just wanted to give a thanks to Mounted Unit Officer John Shoopman & Officer Sandy Silva who responded to assist officers on an injury accident on I70W/B at 18th Street on 7/7.

The accident involved a horse trailer, which was loaded with several horses & sustained disabling damage.

Officers Shoopman & Silva brought the Mounted Unit’s trailer in an expedient manner, which allowed the owners to offload their horses and onto the trailer. They then drove the horses to the CPD facility until the owners could arrive and take custody of them.

Also thanks to Sgt. Rich Brooks for making the call to the Mounted Unit to have the trailer brought to the scene, making excellent use of Division resources.

-Sgt. Jeff Shuttleworth


Followed a day or so later, by Officer Shoopman making the rounds, and passing by my friend’s ballroom dance studio in the city…


“Another exciting day at Dance Tonight Columbus!

We would like to give a special thank you to theColumbus Division of Police for all you do and how you risk your lives everyday to keep this city safe. DTC would like to show our appreciation to the officers that rode past the studio today on horses (on a very hot day) such as today. We want to say thank you for protecting the downtown Columbus community. Please be safe and know that the community is behind you and we give you the utmost gratitude.
#dtstrong #lawenforcement #expcols



Whether they’re working an event, or patrolling our city streets, the human and equine Officers of Columbus Division of Police, Mounted Unit serve as ambassadors to their department and law enforcement everywhere.  It’s always great to see them passing your office window, or stopping to serve their citizens.




As someone who’s horse use to be tormented by fireworks, specifically, those launched towards the barn and pastures by ill-mannered neighbors, remember to check your pastures today!  Residual fireworks debris can turn up in pastures, hay fields and worse, hooves and throats.  Don’t let someone else’s celebration be your next vet bill.



It’s a little bit Longmire, a little bit The Ranch, and a little bit Dances With Wolves and so far, I’m really liking it.  Paramount’s new series, “Yellowstone” is Kevin Costner’s most recent tv venture (in a very long time), and I can honestly say, it looks good on him.  A cowboy/rancher role isn’t one that just any actor can easily step in to but Costner as family matriarch, John Dutton, seems natural and easy.



The show explores a modern western theme on the plains of Montana.  It hits all the notes of challenging family dynamics between John Dutton and his four children, Beth, Cory, Jamie and Lee, the motley crew of ranch hands-slowly unveiling how they came to be a part of the “Y,” and the position of power John holds over the town he loves.



I’m only an episode and a half in, it airs at 10pm and it’s a stretch for me to stay awake that long, thank goodness for DVR’s, but it’s safe to say I’m hooked, and anxious to see how the story unfolds with the Duttons, the hands, and their constant turf battle with the residents of the local Indian Reservation.  If you’re looking for a fresh take on a classic story line, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.




Happy first day of Summer!  Or, in the world of me, Happy Birthday Eve!  Tomorrow I turn 41, and for a little fun, I took a look back at the way things were when I was born.  I always get a kick out of the fashion, the styling of events, the hair…  that’s some good stuff!



English riding events, they always seem to look timeless.  It’s pretty hard to change dark blazers and tall boots.  But, the western events, the wide collars and so much polyester!



One thing remains the same though, all the horses look great!


In the last year, I’ve become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer, I’ve graduated from the Columbus Division of Police, Citizen Police Academy, I’ve started a new career, and the year is only half over.  What else should I try to accomplish?



I spotted this photo gallery yesterday and wanted to share, we’re not the only ones who enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot summer day!

The diving horses, made famous by New Jersey’s steel pier show, as well as the Disney movie, “Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken” hold a fair amount of nostalgia and novelty.

The rewards of water-based therapy programs have long been promoted, I’m glad to see them featured in the gallery as well.


Here’s hoping your summer is starting off with a splash as well, and you’re finding fun ways to stay cool with your four-legged friends and family!




I scrolled right past the headline the first time I saw it on MSN,

“The Equestrian Coach Who Minted Olympians, and Left a Trail of Child Molestation”

but something made me scroll back up and read it.  I don’t know if I should have been surprised or not, given that everyone who’s ever committed such an act seems to be getting their comeuppance in the last year or so.  I guess a part of me wanted to believe our little world was insulated from headlines like these.  Horses raise good people, don’t they?  I thought so.


Jimmy A. Williams was a legend until his death in 1993, but now, his name is being stripped from monuments and his achievements forever marred by the sinister behavior he exhibited to reach those milestones with his students.



It’s difficult to wrap my mind around not speaking out when something like that happens, I’ll admit, could my desire to be at the top of my game override the need to put a stop to unacceptable behavior?  For a youth competitor, being shown “special” treatment by a man who was so highly revered, the fear of disappointing their families must have been daunting.  It’s all so sad, even our beloved sport is just as dirty as every other.


Here’s a link to the article from the New York Times for more information: